The Neora Lawsuit Win: Neora's Historic Legal Victory Over FTC Pyramid Allegations

In the complex world of direct selling, the road to success is often fraught with hurdles, and in 2016, Neora (formerly known as Nerium) faced its most significant challenge to date. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleged that Neora operated as a pyramid scheme, unleashing a torrent of damaging allegations that threatened the brand’s clean reputation.

Neora's unwavering commitment to our vision and values paved the way for a historic legal victory that vindicated the company and strengthened its commitment to the direct-selling industry. To set things straight once and for all, here are the facts about the frivolous “Neora pyramid scheme lawsuit” and some insight into how this win will shape the future of direct selling. We knew the outcome would be worth the fight.

The “Neora Scam” Pyramid Allegations 

On September 28, 2023, Neora etched its name into the annals of direct-selling history as the first U.S. direct-selling company to triumph over an FTC pyramid allegation in a court trial. The stakes were high, as the FTC's allegations encompassed a range of claims, including the operation of a pyramid scheme, false earnings claims, false product claims, agency claims, and means and instrumentalities claims against Neora's founder, Jeff Olson. This seven-year battle bore witness to Neora's relentless dedication to our cause and unwavering faith in our business model.

Neora Wins FTC Case: Turning Challenges into Triumph With A Groundbreaking Victory

The court's ruling in Neora's favor was nothing short of a landmark event. It's important to emphasize the historical significance of this decision.

A Ruling That Made History

Neora's victory marked a turning point in the direct-selling industry. This was the first time a direct-selling company had defeated the FTC's pyramid scheme claims in a court trial since Amway's administrative law defeat of the FTC in 1979. 

The Industry-Wide Impact

While Neora undoubtedly celebrated this triumph, it was not just a victory for the company and its brand partners. The U.S. direct-selling industry, comprised of over 1,000 companies, breathed a sigh of relief. Neora's case underscored the importance of safeguarding the rights of legitimate direct-selling businesses and the adherence to clear legal standards. It laid a new foundation, shifting the landscape for direct-selling companies.

Neora, FTC, and the Significance of This Victory

Neora's victory in this historic lawsuit is multifaceted and has far-reaching implications. The importance of this triumph can be seen from a few critical angles.

Compliance Policies

One of the cornerstones of the court's decision was Neora's rigorous compliance policies. The court recognized the proactive efforts taken by our team in curbing problematic statements made by Brand Partners. Through training, approved marketing materials, and enforcing relevant policies, Neora successfully demonstrated our commitment to compliance. This recognition underscores the importance of robust compliance programs in the industry.

Legality and Lawful Conduct

The court's ruling against all allegations of Neora definitively established the legality of our business and compensation structure. The decision not only vindicates Neora but also sets a precedent for how legitimate direct-selling businesses can operate within the bounds of the law. It reaffirms that a lawful and ethical approach is the way forward.

Celebrating a Future-Shaping Win for Clean Beauty Brands and the Direct-Selling Industry

This Neora lawsuit update wouldn’t be complete without observance of Neora’s victory. As we celebrate this historic triumph, we also look ahead with optimism. The victory in this lawsuit has not only eliminated the shadow of unfair and frivolous accusations that threatened our reputation and instilled doubt in our customers but also heralded a new era for the direct-selling industry.

Neora has set an example for all direct-selling companies by transforming adversity into opportunity. It's a reminder that standing up for what's right can lead to monumental victories. This significant win ensures that we can continue doing what we do best without the cloud of a pyramid scheme allegation hanging over our heads!

The impact of Neora's triumph reverberates across the industry, offering renewed hope for other relationship marketing companies operating ethically and transparently. The precedent set by this victory has provided a protective shield to other direct-selling companies, demonstrating that adherence to clear legal standards and robust compliance programs is the path to success.

Neora's historic victory over the FTC pyramid allegation isn't just a triumph for the company; it's a turning point for the entire direct-selling industry. Our team’s unwavering commitment to our vision and values has vindicated the company and transformed the landscape for direct-selling businesses. With this triumph, Neora paves the way for a brighter and more secure future for the direct-selling industry.


1. What was the Neora Lawsuit with the FTC about?

The Neora lawsuit with the FTC was about allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the direct-selling clean beauty and wellness company and its founder, Jeff Olson. The FTC had made several claims against Neora, including the operation of a pyramid scheme, false earnings claims, false product claims, agency claims (employees are agents of the corporation), and a means and instrumentalities claim against Jeff Olson.

2. What allegations did the FTC make against Neora? 

The allegations made by the FTC against Neora, were all determined to be unfounded:

  • Operation of a pyramid scheme
  • False earnings and false product claims
  • Agency claims suggesting employees were acting as agents of the corporation
  • Means and instrumentalities claims, particularly against Jeff Olson

3. What specific laws or regulations were Neora accused of violating?

Neora was accused of violating various laws and regulations, including those related to pyramid schemes, false advertising, and potential agency relationships between the company and its distributors.

4. How did Neora defend the allegations made by the FTC?

Neora defended the allegations by arguing that its business opportunity was legitimate, its compensation structure was legal, and it had implemented rigorous compliance policies and actions to ensure lawful conduct. Neora emphasized its proactive efforts to curb problematic statements, integrate compliance training, approve marketing materials, and enforce relevant policies.

5. What was the final verdict in the lawsuit between Neora and the FTC?

The final verdict in the lawsuit between Neora and the FTC favored Neora. The court denied the FTC's requested relief on all five claims, ruling that the FTC's claims were invalid. This marked a significant victory for Neora, making it the first direct-selling company to defeat the FTC's pyramid scheme claims in a court trial.

6. What does Neora's lawsuit victory over the FTC mean for the company in the future?

The victory in the Neora lawsuit means that the company can continue its business operations without the threat of the FTC's allegations threatening its reputation. It provides security and legitimacy for Neora and its Brand Partners.

7. Does the Neora lawsuit victory impact other direct-selling businesses and the industry?

The Neora lawsuit victory significantly impacts other direct-selling businesses and the industry as a whole. It sets a precedent for legitimate direct-selling businesses and emphasizes the importance of protecting their rights. This victory may prevent other relationship marketing companies following the correct practices from facing similar legal challenges.

8. What is the significance of the decision in the Neora Lawsuit?

The significance of the decision in the Neora lawsuit lies in its groundbreaking nature for the direct selling industry. It highlights the importance of clear legal standards and the need to protect the rights of legitimate direct-selling businesses, especially in the face of FTC allegations.

9. Where can I find official statements or press releases from Neora regarding the lawsuit?

Official statements or press releases from Neora regarding the lawsuit can typically be found on Neora's official website, in news articles, or through press releases distributed by the company or its legal representatives. Here are some of the following releases from Direct Selling News, Baker & Hostetler LLP, Foley & Lardner LLP, and PR Newswire. It's advisable to consult Neora's website or search for reputable news sources for the most up-to-date information and statements about the lawsuit.